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Moving A Boat Over Land To A New Location

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If you own a large boat or yacht, there may be a time when you need someone to help move the boat to a location that does not have water access. Large boats present some challenges to move and you need to have the right equipment to make the move safely.  Using the Right Equipment The first thing you need when moving an oversized boat is a trailer that can handle the load. Read More»

Want To Own A Plane But Not Have The Expenses Of Upkeep And Fueling?

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Planes, jets, and yachts are pricey purchases. It is not just the cost of the transportation vehicle; it is also the upkeep and the fuel. However, there are ways to make your luxury transportation dreams come true without breaking your bank account. Two options are fractional ownership and charters. Here are descriptions of these two options and their differences so you can choose whichever one might work best for you.  Charters If you choose the charter option, you can buy the boat, jet, or plane, but you use the mode of transportation to transport others for money. Read More»

Before Renting Dump Trucks, Consider These Details

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Dump trucks are expected on different work and construction sites. If you anticipate needing one for the first time on one of your own sites or need more than one, renting is wise. Before renting, think about these dumping details. Size Many company owners trying to prevent out-of-control costs will opt for smaller dump trucks. However, this can be the wrong choice. A truck that’s too small will need to more trips and can delay other work. Read More»