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Moving A Boat Over Land To A New Location

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If you own a large boat or yacht, there may be a time when you need someone to help move the boat to a location that does not have water access. Large boats present some challenges to move and you need to have the right equipment to make the move safely. 

Using the Right Equipment

The first thing you need when moving an oversized boat is a trailer that can handle the load. Most people that own large boats do not have trailers for them because they are too large to move on their own anyway. The boat moving company needs to provide the right trailer for the style of boat they are moving and in many cases, the trailer will be designed with multiple axles and dollies to spread the weight of the load over a larger area. 

There are some trailers that may fit several different boats, but in most situations, the trailer is selected specifically for the boat that it is hauling. A semitruck is required to pull the trailer and in the case of extremely large boats, the truck may be a heavy haul rig with a larger motor and a lower set of gears to better control the trailer during the transport. 

Loading and Unloading

When a large boat needs moving, the boat moving company does not typically get involved in the process until the boat is on land, often at a boatyard. The boat is often in dry dock or on a stand onshore and will be delivered to a boatyard or marina that will then handle getting to boat back in the water. The moving companies job is only to coordinate the move and deal with getting the boat from one place to the other.

Routes and Permits

One critical aspect when moving a large boat is planning the route that the boat will move along. The route needs to be free of large obstacles and in many cases, sections of the road may need closing while the truck and trailer pass through the area. 

Permits for moving oversized loads are always a concern and coordinating with local law enforcement officials is critical. Once the route has been set, the permits are in place, and the truck sets off on its journey, everything needs to fall in place. Often, boat moving companies have one person dedicated to making sure everything is dealt with so your boat can make it safely from its old home to its new one.

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