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Before Renting Dump Trucks, Consider These Details

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Dump trucks are expected on different work and construction sites. If you anticipate needing one for the first time on one of your own sites or need more than one, renting is wise. Before renting, think about these dumping details.


Many company owners trying to prevent out-of-control costs will opt for smaller dump trucks. However, this can be the wrong choice. A truck that's too small will need to more trips and can delay other work. You might end up paying more in dumping and rental fees because of all the extra time and travel the truck needs to do. Consult rental companies and your own managers to select the best size.

If you're thinking about larger trucks, bear in mind that ground stability is always an issue. Ensure that a site's soil is dense and stable enough to handle dump truck activity without destroying trenches or otherwise giving way. If you're unsure, have samples sent out to local laboratories to determine stability.


An appropriate dump truck will be one that's best suited to the specific materials you'll be loading it up with. If you plan to transport huge tree stumps or compost, landscaping dump trucks are suitable. If you're moving gravel, pebbles or sand, trucks with solid welded panels are best.


The best operator for a dump truck is someone who drives them frequently. Operating the hydraulic components and being able to turn and reverse easily is vital; even if your company has many drivers with commercial licenses, their operational skills may not be as effective as someone the rental company uses regularly. Allow your own people to focus on other activities so that the dumping process can happen without issue.


Reading the "fine print" regarding insurance issues is important. Your company may already carry various types of insurance, but ask about insurance that insures both the rental dump truck and the operator.

Work Schedule

Rented dump trucks will cost your company money whenever they're on site. Trim costs by ensuring that they're not idle too long. Before they arrive, meet with managers to plan out daily activities more strictly than you might on other days. Ensure that all workers remain out of the way when dump trucks are moving and that all loads will be ready when the trucks get there.

Truck Protection

Wherever possible, minimize the chances of damage and additional fees by protecting the trucks. For example, use truck bed liners so that the interior of each dump truck isn't scratched by the truck load.

Dump trucks make work easier on various sites. Consideration of rental details like these allows for good work without trouble. Consult rental companies for additional dumping tips.