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Often-Forgotten Questions To Ask When Hiring A Limo Service For Airport Pickup

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Perhaps you have a relative flying in for a visit and you want them to have the best of treatment. Maybe you are coming in for a business meeting and prefer the privacy and luxury of a limo pickup at the airport. In any case, it is not at all hard to find a limo service that will send a private car for pickup at the airport. If you have never hired a limo for transport before, you are bound to have a lot of questions when you make the initial reservation. However, there are certain questions that often get forgotten that you really should ask. 

Will the limo driver meet you at the terminal?

Everyone has seen the movies where the limo driver stands with a sign to attract the passenger they should be picking up, and yes, some companies do offer this along with their pickup services. However, more limo companies simply have the car and driver waiting at the pickup location designated by the airport. You can usually request that the chauffeur meets the traveler with a sign, but it is important to keep in mind that some airports do not allow outsiders into the building at certain points. 

Should you give the driver a tip?

Offering a taxi driver a tip is considered good manners, and many people do tip limo drivers as well. Some companies do have gratuity rules in place, however. For instance, some companies eliminate the customer feeling obligated to give a tip by enforcing a "no-gratuities" rule with their drivers. If you are ever curious about whether you should tip the limo driver upon pickup, simply ask when you call to make the reservations. Call a company like In Style Transportation to learn more.

What is the limo company's policy on making unplanned stops?

You have arranged for a limo to pick you up at the airport and take you straight to the conference hall where your meeting will be held. Unfortunately, you got sick on the plane and need to stop in at a local clothing store to get a change of clothes. If you only reserved the limo for a certain time frame, you may or may not be able to get additional stops on the route included in the price. Many limo companies books rides in short time blocks, and customer pickups can be lined up back-to-back. Therefore, any unplanned stops can be an additional charge for transportation services.