car rental or taxi service for your vacation?

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Gotta Catch Em' All! Three Ways To Safely Play Pokemon Go When You're On The Go

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Since its release, Pokemon Go has become somewhat of a sensation. Children of all ages are having a blast tracking, battling, and evolving these pocket monsters. Unfortunately, Pokemon Go has also led to a few cases of distracted driving. Some players see a Pikachu and focus on catching rather than driving. Try one of these fun ideas to safely catch Pokemon when on the move. 1. Rent a Limousine If your friends love to play Pokemon Go, it is time to plan an evening dedicated to this fun game. Read More»

Two Benefits of Using a Car Service for Your Next Airport Trip

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Flying can be one of the more efficient options for those needing to travel long distances. However, the act of going to the airport can be a stressful and inconvenient task. To help those needing to make this trip, there are car services that can dramatically reduce the stress of going on a flight. In particular, the following two advantages can prove to be particularly beneficial to those that opt for these services. Read More»