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Gotta Catch Em' All! Three Ways To Safely Play Pokemon Go When You're On The Go

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Since its release, Pokemon Go has become somewhat of a sensation. Children of all ages are having a blast tracking, battling, and evolving these pocket monsters. Unfortunately, Pokemon Go has also led to a few cases of distracted driving. Some players see a Pikachu and focus on catching rather than driving. Try one of these fun ideas to safely catch Pokemon when on the move.

1. Rent a Limousine

If your friends love to play Pokemon Go, it is time to plan an evening dedicated to this fun game. One way to do so is to rent a limousine for a few hours; you can host a Pokemon party inside the limousine. Since limos usually hold six to eight people, the cost is extremely reasonable when everyone chips in. You also have a dedicated driver for the evening so that no one has to miss out trying to catch a Snorlax in the name of safety.

Your driver is at your command, allowing you to pick the best route for PokeStops and gyms. If you want to use one of your modules, you can even have your driver stop for a few minutes while your friends and you catch Pokemon in air-conditioned comfort.

Depending on the package that you choose, your Poke mates and you can enjoy a variety of snacks and drinks while you play.

2. Put Your Feet to Work

It is a known fact that certain Pokemon are only found in specific environments. Cover the water by renting a pedal boat. These boats let you combine your love of playing Pokemon go with your passion for the great outdoors. Thanks to the small size, you can easily navigate a pedal boat in every nook and cranny of a lake or pond so you can reach those hard-to-catch Pokemon.

Paddle boats can accommodate a number of different passengers. If you pick a four-passenger model, generally only two people have to peddle at one time. Take turns to rest your legs and focus on identifying that previously unseen Pokemon.

Make sure to fit your phones with protective gear before taking them out on the water.

3. Go for a Carriage Ride

Who knew that Pokemon Go could be so romantic? A carriage ride throughout town is a terrific way to catch Pokemon on your next date night. The carriage driver handles driving and navigating the city while your partner and you play. 

If you inquire before the ride, you can even learn the route so that you'll know what PokeStops and gyms are on your carriage ride. 

Don't let your love of Pokemon Go cause you to make bad decisions. Instead of even thinking of trying to drive and play, back away from the wheel and consider one of these safe alternatives. For more information, click here.