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3 Important Things To Know About Shipping Oversized Goods

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Semi-trucks are really large, and they can carry some pretty big loads. However, they can only haul things that are a certain size before they push the limits of what the truck can handle. That doesn't mean you can't ship oversized goods, but if you want to ship an oversized shipment, you are going to need to get special permits in order to do so.

Careful Planning Is Needed

The first thing you need to realize when shipping oversized goods is that you can't just put them on a truck and call it good. You need to carefully plan the route you are going to take with your goods in order to get them to their destination safely.

If the oversized goods are tall, you will need to research the clearance of each underpass the truck will pass through while on the road and when getting gas and plan a route where the load will not damage the underpass.

If the oversize permit is for goods that will exceed the length of your truck, you don't have to worry about the height of your load, but you are going to want to avoid narrow roads where your long load will prove dangerous.

If your load is too heavy, you are going to need to plan a route that avoids roads where your vehicle would exceed the weight limit of the road.

Submit Your Permits As Soon As Possible

Second, you are going to want to fill out your permit paperwork as soon as possible. If you are driving through one state, you only need to get an oversized permit from that state's department of transportation.

If you are driving through multiple states, you are going to need to get oversized permits from the department of transportation for each state. This will require more planning and coordination on your part, so the sooner you get the paperwork in, the sooner you will be able to start your trip.

Bring Your Paperwork With You

Third, you are going to want to make sure you bring multiple copies of your permit with you on your trip. You are required to carry your permits with you on your route. If you get pulled over, you are going to need to make sure you have your paperwork with you.

When it comes to shipping an oversized load, you need to really plan your route, and you need to submit your permits as soon as possible and be sure to bring your paperwork with you on the trip as well.