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Reasons To Consider A Helicopter Charter And Aerial Marketing Photography

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If you have been thinking about launching a new marketing campaign for your property or area, you may be wondering about the best way to take the new images for that campaign. One of the best, but least considered, options is to invest in a helicopter charter. When you do that, you have the opportunity to capture some truly unique images that can set your new campaign apart from all of the others. Here are some of the benefits that you'll get from using aerial photographs for your next marketing program.

Unique Scenery

When you are shooting pictures from the air, it gives you the opportunity to capture truly unique points of view. You can get pictures of scenery from above that you simply cannot get from the ground. If you have ever been in a plane and been amazed by the sights that you could see, from landscapes to mountain views, you understand the point being made here. You will be able to create a marketing program that provides a highly unique perspective for those who see the pictures. This increases the chances that they will be attentive to your marketing materials and remember your business.

Obstruction-Free Images

One of the hardest parts of taking pictures from ground level is working around any obstructions in the area. If there are any obstructions at all where you're trying to photograph, you may feel as though you need to give up. The good news is that when you book a helicopter charter for your aerial images, you can get all of the pictures you want without any of those obstructions that you deal with on the ground.

Unmistakable Lighting

When you're shooting on the ground or in a studio, your lighting choices are pretty versatile but mostly artificial. And, when you shoot at ground level with natural light, you're stuck fighting shadows and all kinds of other issues. If you shoot your images from above, you get the benefit of choosing your lighting based on the time of day, and you get the natural light filtration of cloud cover and other natural features. This isn't something that you can create in a studio or from the ground, even with the addition of artificial light.

Aerial Views

Booking a helicopter charter for aerial photography is a great way to capture a perspective that your customers wouldn't otherwise see of your building. Aerial images offer a point of view that truly captures the entirety of the property without the need for panoramic, stitched, or otherwise edited images. Even shooting from the roof of the building will limit what you can capture because you can't get the entire building in the picture when you are standing on it. If you are trying to market the property for sale, or to draw people for large-scale events, this is ideal.

A Unique Experience

Particularly if you have never ridden in a helicopter before, booking a helicopter charter for an aerial photography session can give you an experience unlike anything you have known. Before you dismiss it, consider what it would be like to not only get the pictures that you need but also get to see where you live from an angle that few people ever do. Further, a helicopter flight is completely different from that of an airplane, so it's something that you cannot compare to commercial air travel.

Understanding these advantages to aerial photography will help you to see why a helicopter charter is the best way to get the pictures that you need for your property. Talk with a local aerial photography helicopter charter company today for more information.