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Tips For Being Healthy On The Road As An Owner-Operator

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Truck drivers are among the most overweight workers in the United States, partially due to the limitations of the work environment. Truck drivers work in a highly sedentary environment, which can make weight management difficult. Additionally, the demanding schedule makes roadside diners and truck stop foods common menu choices. If you're investing in a truck to become an owner-operator, it's in your best interest to be proactive about preserving your health and limiting weight gain. Here are some must-have supplies you should have in your truck before you hit the road to ensure your lasting health and well-being.

12-Volt Cooking Stove

Portable cooking stoves that use a 12-volt power source are convenient for the cab of a tractor-trailer. These stoves open up a variety of possibilities for your meals. These stoves give you the ability to shop grocery stores or stock your truck with meals made at home for your trip. Packaged in airtight containers, you can store these meals in the cooler or refrigerator on the truck and heat them on the stove for hot, healthier meals.

Single-Serve Blender

Single-serve blenders are compact, easy to transport and convenient for fast, healthy and filling breakfasts. Invest in fresh or frozen berries and yogurt to create smoothies for those early mornings on the road. And, if you choose a blender with a small, detachable container, you can even use it as the cup for your smoothie. Keep a box of straws handy, and you'll be ready for breakfast in minutes. Smoothies made with fresh fruit and Greek yogurt are packed with protein and vitamins, making them healthy and much lower in fat than the typical diner breakfast fare.

Electric Cooking Pots

Electric sauce pans and other cooking pots come in several sizes, and all run off 12-volt power sources. This makes them ideal for the power supplied in your tractor-trailer. Although these pans can take longer to heat up than a traditional saucepan, if you plan ahead and plug it in before you get where you're going, you'll have a hot meal ready when you're ready for it.

Before you hit the road that first time as an owner-operator, consider investing in these supplies. When your truck is equipped with tools like these, you can take control of your diet and maintain a healthy weight. Fresh ingredients and convenient cooking tools make it easier to avoid the roadside diner diet that has put truck drivers at the top of the occupational weight scale.