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4 Details That Are Often Overlooked During Wedding Planning

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Getting engaged is a life event that most women will never forget. It's a romantic, loving, and beautiful moment that brings a couple together for the rest of their lives. After the engagement excitement subsides, it is time to plan a wedding! The wedding planning process is often very fun and exciting, but it can also be stressful and time consuming. As the wedding date approaches, it is not uncommon for important aspects of the wedding and honeymoon to be forgotten or overlooked. As a bride, don't forget about the following:

Documents for Your Honeymoon

If you are traveling out of the country, you and your husband will need a passport. Make sure that both of your passports are current, or take the time to apply for passports a few months before your wedding if neither of you have one. Make sure that you also look into any visas that have to be obtained before leaving on your honeymoon.

Wedding Transportation

Your wedding should be a magical day, and your mode of transportation to and from the wedding is important, but it can be easily forgotten when focusing on a dress, venue, and catering. Don't forget about how you will arrive at your wedding, or how you will exit; your wedding is your red carpet moment, so it is well worth booking a limo, town car, or other luxury vehicle to transport you and your groom from your wedding to your hotel or airport. No newly married couple wants to call a taxi on their wedding day. Contact a professional limousine service, like A Prestige Limousine, early to book your transportation for your big day.

Pet Care

Many couples own pets together, and those pets need proper care during the wedding festivities as well as the honeymoon. If you are a pet owner, don't forget about your dog or cat while planning your wedding. Make plans to ensure that your pet is well cared for while you are away.

Include Tips in Your Wedding Budget

There is no doubt that weddings can be costly; so when you are planning a wedding, don't forget to budget for tips for your vendors. Tipping your caterer, photographer, and wedding coordinator can cost a lot, but it is common to include a tip for wedding vendors who do an excellent job. You are in know way required to give a tip to a wedding vendor who you have a contract with, but it is very much appreciated.