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Practice Taxi Safety With These Tips

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Using a taxi as a method of transportation in your own city or while you travel provides numerous conveniences. But whether you're booking a taxi for business or for pleasure, it's important to be vigilant about making safety a priority. Sure, riding in a taxi is a much safer option than taking a subway or bus, but this mode of transportation still requires you to exercise caution—especially before you enter the taxi and after you exit. By adhering to a few simple tips, you can ensure you stay safe.

Call the Taxi In Advance

Depending on your location, it can occasionally be unsafe to stand in a public area and wait for a taxi to approach. This behavior can make you a target for pickpockets and street crime, so it's best to call a taxi company (such as White Top Cab Company) and arrange for a driver to visit your hotel, office or restaurant at a designated time, especially if you need the taxi after dark. By taking this approach, you can safely wait indoors and watch for the vehicle to approach.

Be Vigilant As You Exit

Whether you're getting dropped off at a hotel or any other area in which the public gathers, take a careful look at your surroundings before you exit the cab. Always trust your senses; if you don't like the look of something, there's no harm in politely asking your driver to change the destination. For example, instead of getting dropped off in a hotel's dark parking lot, ask for the driver to drop you off near the well-lit valet area. If you're meeting someone in a public area and he or she has yet to arrive, it's OK to ask the driver to take another lap or two around the block, or to drop you in a safe area from which you can call or text your acquaintance.

Keep Cash Concealed

Many people exit their taxi, fuss in their wallet or purse to find cash for the fare and tip and then pay the driver through an open window. Doing so can draw unnecessary attention to you, and it's possible that you might find yourself a victim of a snatch-and-grab crime. It's a safer strategy to have some cash for the fare and tip ready as you approach your destination, so that you can pay the driver quickly and conceal your remaining cash before you exit the vehicle.