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Want to Do Something Different? Take a Wine Tour

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If you are ready to get away for a weekend or a week and want to do something a little different, you can take some wine tours. You not only get to taste some great wine, but enjoy traveling and seeing the sights. Below are some tips to make your wine tour trip a great one.

What to Expect

The most money you will spend going on wine tours is gas for your car and places to stay. Most wineries you visit are completely free to get in. They may offer you samples of wine for free or for a small charge. Some wineries have special tours that allow you to taste some more expensive wine. You will have to pay more for these, however, but if you love wine it may be worth it.

When you walk into the wine tasting room, you are greeted by a host. This person will pour one sample of wine at a time for you to taste As you drink it, he or she will describe the taste and smell. Take a sip of the wine as the hostess is describing the flavor so you can compare how it tastes to you.

If you take a drink of wine that you absolutely cannot stand, there is likely a spitting bucket nearby so you can spit it out.  As you walk through the tour you will be sampling a lot of wine, so you may want to start spitting it out if you start feeling a little tipsy.

Bring along a small pad and paper or use your smartphone, and write down the wine that you like. You may not remember once you get to the end of the tour.


Once you finish your wine tasting tour, most wineries offer more for their guests. There may be a shop where you can purchase the wine that you tasted, or other gifts for yourself or family members. Some wineries will allow you to see how they make their wine from beginning to end, but there may be an extra charge, however. Many wineries have small restaurants with seating outside so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery as you eat and enjoy a glass of wine.

There are towns in the United States that are known for their wineries, and you will find that many wine tours are close together in one place. This can be beneficial unless you want to travel around to different places.