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The Most Popular Types Of Limo Rentals For Going To The Prom

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Prom is a magical word. Just mention it around a handful of junior and senior high school girls and their faces will light up immediately. While the ladies have dreams of finding the most beautiful dress, matching shoes and that perfect hairstyle, some high school gentlemen get excited thinking about the smooth ride they will take their favorite girl to the prom in. Some students prefer to drive their own automobiles, but for those who want this night to be extra special, renting a limo is perfect. There are different styles of limo rentals to choose from and these are some of the most popular that are seen arriving at high school proms all over the country.

Sedan Limos 

The sedan limo is the smallest and most affordable type of limo rental. These limos normally seat no more than four people comfortably, but they are roomy enough for two couples to go to the prom in. If the prom goers prefer a more private, secluded ride to the dance, the sedan limo is ideal for one couple only.

These limos are often extended versions of a Lincoln Towncar and are usually available in black. They give a look of elegance for any couple arriving at the prom without costing their parents a fortune.

Stretch Limos 

If you have a more flexible budget and wish to go to the prom as a group, the stretch limo should meet your needs perfectly. Stretch limos are similar to sedan limos except they are longer and can fit more people easier. Usually, stretch limos are available in six, eight and ten passenger styles. 

Stretch limos are made by several different manufacturers and are often available in black, white or gray.

Super Stretch Limos 

If your funds are unlimited and you truly want to make a grand arrival at the prom, a super stretch limo is the way to go. Super stretch limos often have enough room for as many as 20 passengers. These limos are available in sedan styles, SUV styles and even hummer styles. If you want to go to the prom with a large party of friends, a super stretch limo is the perfect selection.

Super stretch limos often have built in amenities that will make your ride to the prom as unforgettable as the dance. These amenities often include televisions, small stocked refrigerators and fabulous inside lighting as well. Super stretch limos are available in a variety of colors.

One thing to remember is that if you do plan on renting a limo for your prom, be sure that a licensed, experienced limo driver drives you there. The extra length of limos makes them a bit different when turning than standard size vehicles and you want your prom to be as safe as it is enjoyable. For more information, contact a local limousine rental company.