Car Rental or Taxi Service for Your Vacation?

Two Benefits of Using a Car Service for Your Next Airport Trip

Flying can be one of the more efficient options for those needing to travel long distances. However, the act of going to the airport can be a stressful and inconvenient task. To help those needing to make this trip, there are car services that can dramatically reduce the stress of going on a flight. In particular, the following two advantages can prove to be particularly beneficial to those that opt for these services.

Avoid Paying for Parking

Paying for your plane ticket can be an expensive purchase, but leaving your car at the airport can significantly increase the cost of flying. Often, airports will charge extremely high fees for overnight or extended parking. In fact, if you are planning on being gone for more than a few days, the cost of parking your car at the airport may start to rival or surpass the cost of your ticket.

Sadly, the …

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Take Your Employees Camping For The Weekend

If you have a small business and you want to do something special for your employees, you can take them on a camping trip.  Taking them camping for the weekend is a great way for everyone to get to know each other without the interruptions of modern day life. You can decide to go camping in tents or you can rent some cabins at a camp ground. However, you can further the enjoyment by hiring a charter bus transportation service to drive everyone to and from the camping site. Learn how to set up the camping trip to ensure its success in this article.

Give employees plenty of notice

The more notice you give your employees informing them of the trip, the more employees you will have come. You also need to decide whether or not immediate family is going to be invited. Get a head count of everyone planning …

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Traveling With A Disability: Arranging Airport Access And Transportation

Traveling to a new city for work or for a vacation can be exciting, but it also presents some challenges for people with physical disabilities. To ensure you are able to get to and from the airport and hotel, use these travel tips to help plan your journey.

Know The Airport Layout And Amenities

Many major airports offer maps of their terminals online, which include the locations for handicap accessible restrooms and exits as well as other amenities designed for people with disabilities. Locating these areas of the airport ahead of time can be particularly beneficial if you are running late for a flight. Take special note of where taxi cab stands and shuttle bus locations are throughout the airport. If you have a service animal, look for doggy parks within the airport grounds that give you the chance to relieve your animal before you board your plane and after …

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Enjoy Luxury And Avoid Unpleasantness – Common Mistakes In Limousine Rental

If you’re looking for a way to add a layer of excitement and class to your scheduled events, renting a limousine can be an excellent decision. However, many people get wrapped up in the excitement and fail to do the proper diligence when it comes to guaranteeing that they can enjoy a good time. 

Below, you’ll find a guide to some common mistakes that people make when engaging a limousine service. Being aware of these mistakes can help you have the foresight to avoid them, and if you’re careful not to stumble on these pitfalls, you’re far more likely to have an excellent time that’s capped off by very memorable transportation.

Not Inspecting the Vehicle

Limousine advertisements will provide you with the information you need to determine how many people will physically fit in the vehicle, but that information may prove to be inadequate. Whether you need to store bags …

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Tips For Being Healthy On The Road As An Owner-Operator

Truck drivers are among the most overweight workers in the United States, partially due to the limitations of the work environment. Truck drivers work in a highly sedentary environment, which can make weight management difficult. Additionally, the demanding schedule makes roadside diners and truck stop foods common menu choices. If you’re investing in a truck to become an owner-operator, it’s in your best interest to be proactive about preserving your health and limiting weight gain. Here are some must-have supplies you should have in your truck before you hit the road to ensure your lasting health and well-being.

12-Volt Cooking Stove

Portable cooking stoves that use a 12-volt power source are convenient for the cab of a tractor-trailer. These stoves open up a variety of possibilities for your meals. These stoves give you the ability to shop grocery stores or stock your truck with meals made at home for your …

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4 Details That Are Often Overlooked During Wedding Planning

Getting engaged is a life event that most women will never forget. It’s a romantic, loving, and beautiful moment that brings a couple together for the rest of their lives. After the engagement excitement subsides, it is time to plan a wedding! The wedding planning process is often very fun and exciting, but it can also be stressful and time consuming. As the wedding date approaches, it is not uncommon for important aspects of the wedding and honeymoon to be forgotten or overlooked. As a bride, don’t forget about the following:

Documents for Your Honeymoon

If you are traveling out of the country, you and your husband will need a passport. Make sure that both of your passports are current, or take the time to apply for passports a few months before your wedding if neither of you have one. Make sure that you also look into any visas that …

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